The Managers Report to Council

The new and improved Town of Lake Clarke Shores website launched this month. Please check us out at

The website has many new features including many more resident convenience items like reporting code compliance issues on line, reporting utility and public works problems on line, and many forms are now available on line. Improvements will continue, so if there's something you would like to see, please drop us a note.

Bids were open for the continuing construction of sewer repairs for Seminole Manor. The County is contracting for the construction and is currently reviewing the low bid to ensure the bidder is responsive and responsible. Three bids were received with two of the bids being within the project budget of $551,229.00. Work will begin in March 2012 and finish in October 2012.

The County Water Utilities Department is responding to a concern we raised about water quality in Seminole Manor. During the heat of the summer we flush lots of water to maintain a chlorine residual in Seminole Manor. Since we are buying water from the County, they have agreed to study the chlorine demand and install a re-chlorination station within their system before our delivery point. I'll keep you posted as more develops with this study.

The Holiday Parade and Tree Lighting was a great success this year. Thanks to all the Volunteers and staff that worked so hard to once again showcase what a great Town we live in.