The Town of Lake Clarke Shores is looking forward to the 2012 New Year!

We are very happy to have our new Town Administrator, Dan Clark, on board during this exciting time in our history.  He brings new enthusiasm to the Town with his love for our unique area.

The Town has recently launched a new website that is sure to see lots of traffic and is filled with useful information that is important to all residents.  The website will increase the speed of disseminating information that is vital to our community.

We are excited to begin construction of the sewer repairs in Seminole Manor.  The grant from Palm Beach County, in the amount of $551,229, is expected to complete all the sewer lining improvements and manhole improvements needed in that sewer collection system.  Significant savings is expected for the Town.  This is a massive undertaking and is expected to be completed next November.

Our parks get a lot of use.  This year we will be working to continue to keep our parks in great shape.  Beginning with the boat ramp, we will try to fix the hole at the end of the ramp so trailers don’t fall off the end of the ramp.  This will take several phases to complete and we hope to begin in January.  Town Hall Park will receive a minor face lift as well.  We have several long term and costly recurring maintenance issues at the park which we will be working to fix this year.  We are also looking for ideas on other uses that the public would like to have at Town Hall Park i.e., basketball court lights, a pickle ball court, etc.

The Police Department will be looking to add technology to its force which will allow the high speed reading of license plates.  This is a car-mounted camera system that reads license plate numbers as the cars drive by and compares the plate numbers to a database of license plate numbers with wants and warrants.  We can immediately know if the tags are expired, if the car is stolen, if the driver is wanted (traffic violations, behind on child support, burglary, etc.) and we can save the plate reads in case we have future issues.  We hope to begin evaluating the system in January and if camera system performance meets expectations, we will implement in March.

Last but not least, it is our hope that property values will rebound and the Town will continue to find ways to improve our delivery of services to our community.