Manager's Report for the April 14, 2015 Town Council Meeting

Proposed Council Meeting Schedule for 2015
May 12th – 6:30 PM – Regular Town Council Meeting
June 9th - 6:30 PM – Regular Town Council Meeting
July 14th – 6:30 PM – Budget Workshop immediately followed by Regular Town Council Meeting

Upcoming Events
April 18th – 8:00 AM Annual Lake Cleanup
May 2nd – 6:30 AM - Lake Clarke Shores Fishing Tournament
June 5th – 8:00 PM Movie Night
June 22nd – 9:00 AM Start of the Fishing Camp

Florida Boater Improvement Program Grant
The application was submitted to FWC on April 8th.  The package included letters of support from Representative Kerner; Senator Clemens; Tom Twyford with the West Palm Beach Fishing Club; and Barron Moody, one of the reviewers for FWC.  All involved like the proposal and feel comfortable with the submittal.  The project costs are estimated at $50,000 with the Town committing to a 50% match.  The costs include a floating dock with handicap access on the north side of the ramp and a fixed dock on the south side of the ramp.  A key to gaining the support of the FWC reviewer was the elimination of the ramp use fees.

Code Changes and Comprehensive Plan Update
We have engaged Jim Fleischmann to assist us with several code changes and the annual update to the Comprehensive Plan (Comp Plan).  Specifically, he will be helping us adjust our codes to address medical marijuana sales and dispensing facilities, senior assisted living facilities in residential areas, and extended parking in residential areas.  This year we are required to modify our Comp Plan to incorporate certain pertinent sections of the South Florida Water Management District’s Lower East Coast Water Supply Plan (LECWSP).  We must include components in our Comp Plan that ensure we have a sustainable water supply for our current and future customers.  Finally, Mr. Fleischmann will incorporate our five-year CIP into the 2015 Comp Plan update.

All code changes must be implemented by Ordinance.  For the next few months, staff will be presenting various Ordinances incorporating these issues as well as other topics necessary to improve how we do business.  This month we are recommending changes to the qualifying period so that we can accommodate the changes being made by the State Legislature to the March election dates in 2016.  A few years ago, changes were made to the code which inadvertently removed certain code sections from the authority of the Code Board; we will be recommending adding those sections back to the authority of the Code Board.  Next month we will be recommending changes to the definitions of waterway zones in Chapter 62 – Waterways.

2016 Capital Budget for Utilities
We are reviewing water meters and water meter data collection.  We will be budgeting for new meters for the Town’s 723 customers.  More info will be available as we prepare the budget.

Community Park FRDAP Grant Update
Mr. Murphy and the Parks Committee have chosen the exercise equipment for Community Park.  Only two vendors provided the specific equipment; however, we received two bids and issued a purchase order.  The equipment will be shipped to an installation contractor for a “factory installation”.  The FRDAP Grant also includes money for sod for the soccer field and we are working with a contractor on a piggyback agreement with the Palm beach County School District for the purchase and installation of 20,000 square feet of sod.