Manager's Report for the May 12, 2015 Town Council Meeting

Proposed Council Meeting Schedule for 2015
June 9th - 6:30 PM – Regular Town Council Meeting
July 14th – 6:30 PM – Budget Workshop immediately followed by Regular Town Council Meeting
August 11th – 6:30 PM – Regular Town Council Meeting

Upcoming Events
June 5th – 8:00 PM Movie Night
June 22nd – 9:00 AM Start of the Fishing Camp

Water Service to Mango Circle
We have had several requests for water service on Mango Circle.  Engenuity is preparing utility easement sketches for the Town’s permanent access to Mango Circle.  Caldwell Pacetti is preparing the easement documents and staff has been talking with the homeowners.  The design is at the 90% complete point.  We hope to have homeowner signed easement documents for Town Council approval in June.

Community Park FRDAP Grant Update
Park reconstruction and equipment installation should begin the first week of May.  There is a budgeted line item for 20,000 square feet of new sod to be placed in Community Park.  Construction will last about three weeks.

Community Redevelopment Authority Feasibility Study
Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council (TCRPC) is evaluating whether a CRA can be created along Forest Hill Boulevard and defining what the benefits would be to the Town and to the businesses along Forest Hill Blvd.  Dr. Kim Delaney is leading the efforts for TCRPC and she is working with EngenuityGroup for mapping and analysis.  We expect a draft report around June 1, 2015.  TCRPC is not charging the Town for its efforts to produce this feasibility report. 

New Water Customer in Seminole Manor
Last week we got a formal request from ELS, the owner of Maralago Cay, to provide its 603 customers with water.  We expect to meet with the owner and their engineer the week of May 18th.  It will take several months to work out the design and connection issues and to negotiate an agreement for service.  Staff will provide an update in June.

Building Official Reviews in Seminole Manor
Recently several remodeling projects in Seminole Manor have created problems for the Utility Department due to the lack of oversight of plumbers doing work in Seminole Manor.  We will be working with Palm Beach County to find a way that we can work together to ensure that plumbing work being done has an appropriate level of review and sign off.  Over the next year we will be developing standards to be followed when working on anything that connects to our water and sewer systems.

Florida Boater Improvement Program Grant
The application was submitted to FWC on April 8th.  The package included letters of support from Representative Kerner, Senator Clemens, Tom Twyford with the West Palm Beach Fishing Club, and Barron Moody, one of the reviewers for the FWC.  All involved like the proposal and feel comfortable with the submittal.  The project costs are estimated at $50,000 with the Town committing to a 50% match.  The costs include a floating dock with handicap access on the north side of the ramp and a fixed dock on the south side of the ramp.  A key to gaining the support of the FWC reviewer was the elimination of the fees for the boat ramp decals.