Manager's Report for the July 14, 2015 Town Council Meeting

Proposed Council Meeting Schedule for 2015

August 11th – 6:30 PM Regular Town Council Meeting
August 25th – 6:30 PM Possible Second August Town Council Meeting
September 15th - 6:30 PM Budget Meeting and Regular Council Meeting
September 29th - 6:30 PM Budget Meeting and Regular Council Meeting

Upcoming Events
Sep 19th – 8:00 AM Second Annual Fall Lake Clarke Cleanup
Oct 31st – 5:00 PM Better Than Halloween Party

Florida Boater Improvement Program Grant
The application was submitted to FWC on April 8th.  We have been informed that the Town of Lake Clarke Shores was ranked 95.80 out of a possible 100.  We are ranked first in the state.  Money has been allocated in the State budget and we can expect the State to be sending us a contract within 60 days.  The layout of the docks is attached.  I have included the Town’s 50% match of $25,000 in the proposed FY 2016 Budget.  We have been contacted by FDEP and asked if we would be open to installing a boat pump out facility on the new docks.  FDEP is suggesting a significant portion of the costs would be covered by the State including some of the initial operating costs.  We are continuing the discussions to see if bathroom facilities at the boat ramp can be included in the funding.  This may be a future grant application opportunity.

Mrs. James Water Use
Attached is a bar chart of Mrs. James water consumption for one day in May.  We met with Mrs. James and gave her four charts like the one attached.  The right side of the chart shows water consumption in the early hours of the morning (approximately 2 gallons an hour, 1400 gallons a month).  We believe she has a running toilet or a dripping faucet.  We asked her to take the charts to her landlord and see if they can fix the problem.  We asked her to come back and tell us when the repairs have been made and we will do another set of charts to confirm the issues are resolved.  This type of analysis was possible because we have a semi-smart meter installed at her address.  We read the meter, analyzed the data, and produced some charts which highlighted the possible problems.  Mrs. James was very appreciative of our efforts.

New Water Customer in Seminole Manor
Last month we received a formal request from Equity LifeStyles Property, Inc. (ELS), the owner of Maralago Cay, to provide its 603 customers with water.  We met with Palm Beach County Road and Bridge division about their other projects along this section of Lawrence Road.  They have agreed to postpone all projects (sidewalk, road widening, new drainage,  etc.) until we have constructed both the new 12 inch-diameter water main for Maralogo Cay and the water main and sewer force main for the LWDD Canal crossing that has been discussed for the last 12 months.  AECOM is beginning the design and Engenuity group is doing the survey work.  To save time, we expect to use an existing Palm Beach County bid contract and piggyback the construction.

Water Service to Mango Circle
The plans have been reviewed by various permitting agencies and the only comments are coming from the Fire Marshal. We are working with AECOM and the Fire Marshal to get the concerns addressed.  We are still working on the easements for the water line.  A temporary line has been run to 6620 Mango Circle to allow the home owner to begin construction of his home.

Lift Station 10, Maralogo Cay
Both sewage pumps have reached their useful life and will be replaced at Lift Station 10.  This is a normal part of our annual lift station maintenance.  The new pumps will be Flyght brand and will have a grease cleaning feature.

Community Redevelopment Authority Feasibility Study
Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council (TCRPC) is evaluating whether a CRA can be created along Forest Hill Boulevard and defining what the benefits would be to the Town and to the businesses along Forest Hill Blvd.  Dr. Kim Delaney is leading the efforts for TCRPC and she is working with EngenuityGroup for mapping and analysis.  We expect a draft report around July 1, 2015.  TCRPC is not charging the Town for its efforts to produce this feasibility report.