In Case You Missed It ~ Council Actions

In case you missed it, below are the Council Actions from the July 14, 2015 Town Council meeting: 

  • Approved the Minutes of the June 9, 2015 Town Council Meeting
  • Approved Resolution #15-18 – Expressing appreciation to the Dori Slosburg Foundation for their exceptional dedication to driver safety.
  • Approved Resolution #15-19 – Adopting the Non-Ad Valorem Assessment Roll for the Forest Hill Boulevard Sewer System Phase 1A and levying the Non-Ad Valorem Assessment for the Town for fiscal year 2015/2016.
  • Approved Resolution #15-20 – Appointing Ben Hartman as an alternate member of the Code Enforcement Board.
  • Approved Change Orders for Phase 1A Forest Hill Boulevard Sewer Project in the amount of $82,010.00 and to direct staff to include this amount as an addition to the April 8, 2014 Sewer Construction Agreement with 1800 Forest Hill, Inc.