Manager's Report for the August 11,2015 Town Council Meeting

Proposed Council Meeting Schedule for 2015
September 15th - 6:30 PM Budget Meeting and Regular Council Meeting
September 29th - 6:30 PM Budget Meeting and Regular Council Meeting
October 13th – 6:30 PM Regular Council Meeting
November 10th – 6:30 PM Regular Council Meeting

Upcoming Events
Sep 19th – 8:00 AM Second Annual Fall Lake Clarke Cleanup
Oct 31st – 5:00 PM Better Than Halloween Party
Nov 8th – 6:30 AM Loop Around the Lake
Dec 5th – 11:00 AM “Holidays in Parade” Parade
Dec 5th – 6:30 PM Jim and Judy Tackett Memorial Christmas Tree Decorating and Lighting

Community Redevelopment Authority Feasibility Study
Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council (TCRPC) is preparing a scope and budget for the creation of a CRA for Lake Clarke Shores and the associated Plan of Improvements for the commercial areas along Forest Hill Boulevard.  Dr. Kim Delaney is leading the efforts for TCRPC.  Based on discussions with the Town Council at the last Town Council meeting, staff is preparing a FY 2015 budget amendment transferring $30,000 to the creation of the CRA that was originally assigned to the capital budget as codification.  I expect a draft scope and budget next week and a final scope and budget by August 15th.  TCRPC will begin work immediately upon staff approval of the scope and budget. 

SSSS – “See Something, Say Something”
Just as a reminder, if you see something that needs attention, send us an email and we’ll look into it.  Staff implemented an electronic way of responding to and tracking work orders and requests for service.  We now have the ability to monitor, recall, and analyze our work order activities by utilizing the email address  Officers on patrol, the COP’s, and Utility staff use this system as they see things which could be repaired or improved.  Residents also have called with issues they have noticed and staff responds by submitting the residents’ concerns, via the email system, which is then routed to the proper department.  This system has been in place since it was advertised during the March barbecue.

Florida Boater Improvement Program Grant
The application was submitted to FWC on April 8th.  We have been informed that the Town of Lake Clarke Shores was ranked 95.80 out of a possible 100.  We are ranked first in the state.  Money has been allocated in the State budget and we can expect the State to be sending us a contract within 60 days.  I have included the Town’s 50% match of $25,000 in the proposed FY 2016 Budget. 

Auburn Park Negotiations
Auburn Park is the name of the new 23 home development west of Lawrence Road and south of Maralago Cay in Seminole Manor.  We are currently negotiating an agreement for their sewer lift station to be flexible enough to be a LCS Subregional lift station and for the Town to assume ownership and operations after certification.  Specific issues being negotiated include the size and type of construction, the equipment supplied, and the installation of an additional 4-inch diameter force main to the station.  They are anticipating construction to start in November.

Carandis Park Irrigation Well
For several months we have had issues with the well and irrigation pump at Carandis Park.  Several maintenance activities have failed to produce a workable system.  It is recommended that we replace the existing pump.