Manager's Report for the November 10, 2015 Town Council Meeting

Proposed Upcoming Town Council Meeting Schedule
November 10th – 6:30 PM Regular Council Meeting
December 8th – 6:30 PM Regular Council Meeting
January 19th – 6:30 PM Regular Council Meeting
February 9th – 6:30 PM Regular Council Meeting
March 8th – 6:30 PM Candidate Forum & Regular Town Council Meeting

Upcoming Events
Dec 5th – 11:00 AM “Holidays in Parade” Parade
Dec 5th – 5:00 PM Jim and Judy Tackett Memorial Christmas Tree Decorating and Lighting
Dec 10th – 6:00 PM Holiday Home Decorating Contest
April 1st – 7:30 PM Movie Night
April 3rd – 11:00 AM LCS 23rd Annual BBQ

Code Enforcement Board
I am meeting with each member of the Code Enforcement Board and discussing a variety of issues and concerns.  I hope to better understand their needs as a Board and improve how staff interacts with them. I am looking for input on what codes they want to see changed as part of our recodification, and I’m discussing civil citations, Section 2-148 of our current code for recommendations on use and functionality of that section of the Code.

Community Redevelopment Authority Feasibility Study
The Lake Clarke Shores Community Redevelopment Authority project has been separated into two parts.  Part 1 is the adoption of the Finding of Need by the Town Council.  Adoption of the Finding of Need is scheduled for the December 8th Town Council meeting.  Part 2 will be the preparation of the Plan of Improvements.  The Plan of Improvements is the document that will detail what the CRA will be doing for the area within its borders and will begin on November 12th with the community workshop.  Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council (TCRPC) is currently working on Part 1 with a DRAFT Finding of Need expected next week.  TCRPC is setting meetings with several of the County Commissioners to allow us the opportunity to explain to them why this is important to the Town.  Dr. Kim Delaney, Director of Strategic Development and Policy, is leading the efforts for TCRPC.

LCS Sewer System Phase 2
We have been contacted by both the Medical Condo Building (1840 FHB) and 1850 FHB concerning the costs and technical requirements for them to connect to our sewer system.  Staff is responding to each of them with the appropriate information.  We have asked AECOM to provide a one page sketch or detail on how each connection must be made and where that connection can be made.  As we work with these property owners, we will be developing the “new connection” permitting process.

Qualifying Period
This is a reminder from Staff that the Town Council changed the election qualifying period.  The qualifying period for the municipal elections in March 2016 (Seats 3, 4, and 5) will be from noon November 24th to noon December 8, 2015.

Palm Beach County Days 2016
Palm Beach County Days 2016 is scheduled for January 12th and 13th in Tallahassee.  As in the past, we are making preparations to attend the event this year.  We will again be preparing a one page brief for the Legislature on our priorities.  We will be meeting with members of our delegation and with other key committee chairs or vice-chairs as defined by our priorities. 

Inspection Report
Every two years our bridges are inspected by FDOT.  We have been told the inspection will be done in October and we will receive the reports in December.  Staff attended a three hour training class on how to read and understand the FDOT Bridge Report.  We will now focus on what in the reports for our four bridges are important and what will trigger actions or repairs by the Town.

2016 Rate Increase Pass Through
We have been notified by Palm Springs that the water commodity rates for the Town will be increasing by $0.15 per thousand gallons of water and that the monthly base rate will increase by $0.15 per month.  Palm Beach County and Lake Worth are each increasing their monthly commodity charge for water by $0.12 per thousand gallons.  No rate increase is expected for sewer services.  Notices are being prepared and will be mailed next week to all our customers. 

FLOC Grants Awarded FY 2015
We were notified this week that we have received $7,292 from FMIT’s Safety Grant Program in FY 2015.  Tammy House is thoroughly knowledgeable of the program, and is now reviewing all purchases to maximize our chance for Grant Awards.  This Program is a 50/50 match for safety related items which generally gives us a 50% discount on items we need to purchase for our normal business needs.  Items funded in the past include new stop signs, safety cones, medical supplies, etc.