Manager's Report for the February 9, 2016 Council Meeting

Proposed Upcoming Town Council Meeting Schedule
February 9th – 6:30 PM Regular Council Meeting
March 8th – 6:30 PM Regular Town Council Meeting
April 12th – 6:30 PM Regular Town Council Meeting
May 10th – 6:30 PM Regular Town Council Meeting

Upcoming Events
April 1st – 7:30 PM Movie Night
April 3rd – 11:00 AM LCS 23rd Annual BBQ
April 23rd – 8:00 AM 11th Annual Waterway Cleanup
April 30th – 6:04 AM Lake Clarke Shores Fishing Tournament

Boater Safety/ No Wake Signage – Code Changes, etc.
Most of the No-Wake Zone signs on the Lake need to be repaired or replaced. Officer Chris Fisher and Utilities Superintendent Damon Gammons have been working to improve the signage on the Lake. Over the next two months, we will be replacing all the current signage with state approved and message appropriate signage. Officer Fisher has recommended changes to our codes that will allow our Police Officers to better manage some of the personal watercraft safety concerns and decrease the potential for personal watercraft accidents. Officer Fisher has been discussing with other agencies the need for enforcement activities on local non-town owned canals with the expected results being permission for LCS PD to patrol all waters in and around the Town.

Forest Hill Boulevard CRA
We submitted our request to create a CRA to the County last December. In January we received a request to defend some of our data and to answer questions posed by County Planning and Zoning staff. Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council Staff have been assisting and we expect to submit the requested additional information to the County next Wednesday. The Mayor and our Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council Consultants have a meeting with Verdenia Baker, County Executive Director, and her staff next Wednesday morning. In casual conversations, we have been talking with many of the County Commissioners about our request. The Town of Lake Clarke Shores is committing to make a long-term investment in the properties along Forest Hill Boulevard. We are asking the County to make the same commitment and to not spend those tax dollars in another area.

2016 Legislative Session
Lake Clarke Shores has been pushing our legislative agenda in Tallahassee for nine days of the first four weeks of session. Mayor Shalhoub, Vice Mayor Freebold, President Pro-Tem Rodriquez, Council Member Mayes and I went to Tallahassee for Palm Beach County Days. I went back the second week of session and again the fourth week of session. I believe we are making progress on some of our issues.

Representative Kerner and Senator Clemmons are the sponsors for a $286,900 appropriation request for the engineering design and planning of the boatlift, non-motorized watercraft portage, and modified fishing piers. The project official title is the Chain of Lakes Blueway Trail Project. Line 100 in the Senate Transportation and Economic Development Appropriations Committee Budget has the Chain of Lakes Blueway Trail Project appropriation listed. There is no similar appropriation in the House budget at this time. I’m told that during “Conference” a matching appropriation will be added to the House budget. People from the League of Cities, the County staff and Riviera Beach have been speaking to the Governor’s staff to raise awareness of funding request. Work is continuing with emails and phones calls to the House Appropriations Committee Members to make sure they are aware of the project when it comes up in Conference.