In Case You Missed It ~ Council Actions

In case you missed it, below are the Council Actions from the March 8, 2016 Town Council meeting: 

• Approved the Minutes of the February 9, 2016 Town Council Meeting.

• Approved Resolution #16-02 – Proclaiming the election of non-contested candidates for Groups 3, 4 & 5. 

• Approved Resolution #16-03 – Authorizing the transfer of funds from SunTrust Bank to Flagler Bank.

• Approved Resolution #16-04 – Amending and restating the 401 (a) Money Purchase and Trust set forth in the Nationwide Retirement Solutions, Inc. Model Governmental Defined Contribution Plan and Trust.

• Approved Resolution #16-05 – Appointing 2015 “Volunteer of the Year”.

•Approved Resolution #16-06 – Appointing 2015 “Volunteer of the Year”.

• Approved Proclamation recognizing April 2016 as Water Conservation Month.

• Approved Interlocal Agreement between the Town of Lake Clarke Shores and Palm Beach County Information Systems Services for Assignment of Property Data and Development of Annual Assessments for Palm Beach County Non-Ad Valorem Taxes.

• Approved Forfeiture Expenditure an amount not to exceed $6,000.00 for the Police Department to sponsor a “Drug Awareness Fair” during the April 3, 2016 Town BBQ. The money will be used toward the rental of play equipment, activities and refreshments for the children of the Town and their guests.

• Approved Forfeiture Expenditure in the amount of $1,227.00 for the Police Department purchase of three (3) Glock23 Gen4 .40 caliber with night sights and 3 magazines for use by the Police Officers. 

• Approved expenditure of up to $3,700.00 for awards associated with employee years of service to the Town – to be consistent with the theme of the 2016 Lake Clarke Shores BBQ. 

• Approved expenditure of $650.00 to purchase a table for 10 people to attend the Palm Beach County League of Cities Annual Installation GALA Luncheon on May 25, 2016 at the Kravis Center.  Note: Mayor Shalhoub will be installed as President. In addition, Council Member Shalhoub will be installed on the Finance Committee, Legislative Committee, Fire Service Committee and Program Committee; Vice Mayor Freebold will be installed on the Environmental Committee and Mr. Clark will be installed on the Transportation Committee and Growth Management and Economic Development Legislative committee.