Sales Tax - A Penny for Your Thoughts?

I'm sure you have read in the newspaper that Palm Beach County has been considering asking the voters to approve a halfpenny sales tax dedicated to infrastructure. The County and the Cities have backlog infrastructure needs for roads, bridges, parks and public safety that our residents care about. The Cities are included in the County’s proposed halfpenny sales tax, and if the voters approve, we would get our proportionate share of the sales tax revenue based on population.

The School District of Palm Beach County has also been considering a separate halfpenny sales tax for capital expenditures. If the School District moves forward with its own halfpenny voter referendum and is successful, the Municipalities will not receive any dollars. Without a separate halfpenny sales tax proposal from the County, the municipalities will get nothing.

The schools deserve funding but we should not be competing on the ballot against each other. We should not have to make voters choose between the two proposals because both of the halfpenny sales taxes are very worthy and are very important. We need good schools to make our County stronger and we need better infrastructure so our communities remain safe.

The Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners asked County Administrator Verdenia Baker to speak with the School District Superintendent and staff about joining our efforts and creating a combined one cent sales tax request. Ms. Baker has asked the School Board and the Superintendent to work together with the County. I agree with her that we must be united as local leaders and we must cooperate to develop one plan that we can present to you, the voters.

One County, One Plan, One Penny!

If the School Board goes with the County, it could meet all of the School District’s backlog capital needs over a ten-year period. The combined County and School District sales tax proposal will allow the cities to receive approximately 20% of the one penny sales tax proposal. This is pursuant to Florida statute. Each of the municipalities would receive their dollars in direct proportion to the amount of residents within the city.

Each group will manage their own oversight. The School District is not responsible for the County or for the City funds and the County or City is not responsible for the School District funds. The dollars generated by this one penny tax proposal are spent for the infrastructure and are mandated and restricted pursuant to only that purpose by state statute. No dollars can be used for any type of administrative expenses at all.

Let's support each other and work together on a combined one penny sales tax proposal.

Let's give the voters one clear plan that will fund schools, infrastructure and economic development through arts and sciences.

Let's show our residents we believe in One County, One Plan, One Penny.

I ask you to support the one penny proposal.

Should you have any additional questions comments or suggestions please feel free to reach out to your Town Council and or our Town Administrator.

Please feel free to call me at your convenience. My cell phone number is 561-762-1969.

There is an old Lebanese saying… If you do not talk to me I do not know what you're thinking.

A penny for your thoughts.!.