Lake Clarke Shores Community Redevelopment Agency - CRA

Over a year ago, August 8, 2015 to be exact, I was proud to inform you of some of the wonderful developments Lake Clarke Shores was undergoing.  Then, it was Dunkin Donuts preparing to open its doors, we connected the first customers to the newly constructed Forest Hill Boulevard Sewer and we completed our first property annexation. 

It was then that I also shared with you thoughts of improving our commercial corridor on Forest Hill Boulevard.  We were putting our heads together and contemplating the idea of having our very own Community Redevelopment Agency.  

Well, our thoughts developed and as of July 12, 2016, the Palm Beach County Commission voted unanimously in favor of Lake Clarke Shores establishing a Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA).  The CRA will strive to further enhance the community by strengthening its economic growth through new residents and business, continuing to market Lake Clarke Shores as one of the more desirable places to live in Palm Beach County.   

Specifically, the CRA will work to renovate and redevelop a section of our community around Forest Hill Boulevard.  This particular area stretches from Florida Mango Road to Interstate 95, it will also include some surrounding areas of the community.

The CRA’s plan for this section of the Town includes creating workforce housing, bringing in new retail/commercial businesses, and building a Town Center.  The Town Council is also in favor of its plan to improve the current street layout so that it is favorable for all modes of transportation - bicyclists, pedestrians, vehicles and even the homeowners that have driveways backing directly onto Forest Hill Blvd.

By moving forward with the CRA’s plans for the Forest Hill Boulevard corridor, the Town is investing in its future. The CRA has a vision that will not only promote strong financial and economic health within the Town, but also re-vitalize the Lake Clarke Shores Community.

I'm absolutely honored and privileged and so proud to be a part of this historic event within our Town's history.

So many people said there was no way that we can get the sound wall along 1-95.So many people said that we were not going to be able to bring a sewers ystem within our Town. So many people said that we could not have a CRA within our little community.

To all of those who believed, I say thank you; thank you for all of your support and on behalf of all of my fellow Town Councilmembers, our Town Administrator and staff, I say thank you.

I look foward to the next challenge making Lake Clarke Shores the best place to live in Palm Beach County.

Best regards,


Robert MW Shalhoub,Mayor