In Case You Missed It ~ Council Actions

In case you missed it, below are the Council Actions from the November 15, 2016 Town Council meeting: 

• Approved the Minutes of the October 18, 2016 Public Hearing.

• Approved the Minutes of the October 18, 2016 Town Council Meeting.

• Approved Resolution #16-23 – Supporting the Florida League of Cities “Safe Cities, Safe Florida” Initiative.

• Approved Resolution #16-26 – Appointing Benjamin Hartman as Regular Member of Code Enforcement Board.

• Approved Resolution #16-27 – Approving the NPDES Forth Cycle Permit Interlocal Agreement between the Town of Lake Clarke Shores and Northern Palm Beach County Improvement District. 

• Approved Resolution #16-28 - Authorizing the Town to borrow funds from STI Institutional & Government, Inc. in the principal amount not to exceed $1,250,000.00 to make certain improvements to the Town’s Utility System; Awarding the note to STI Institutional & Government, Inc. by negotiated sale; Approving a loan agreement between the Town and STI Institutional & Government, Inc.; Designating the note as a  "Bank  Qualified Obligation" under Section 265(B) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended. Approval to authorize the Mayor to execute the documents.

• Approved Resolution #16-29 – Authorizing budget transfers for fiscal year 2015/2016. 

• Approved Resolution #16-30 – Adopting Town of Lake Clarke Shores Cross Connection Control Plan. 

• Approved Resolution #16-31 – Appointing Representatives and an Alternate Representative to the Florida Resiliency and Energy District Board.

• Approved the awarding of bid to Docks & More Construction Co. in an amount not to exceed $46,000 for improvements to Boat Ramp Park; Authorizing the Mayor to execute the contract, subject to Town Attorney review of documents and directing staff to begin the work.

• Approved the agreement between the Town of Lake Clarke Shores and Johnson – Davis, Inc., piggybacking on PBC WUD 16-013 contract, for construction of Lake Worth Drainage District I-17 utility canal crossing in the amount of $221,504 (Lawrence Road Force Main Relocation HDD Project).

• Approved Palm Beach County Mayor Mary Lou Berger as Grand Marshal of the 18th Annual “Holiday’s in Paradise” Parade.