In Case You Missed It ~ Council Actions

In case you missed it, below are the Council Actions from the January 10, 2017 Town Council meeting 

• Approved the Minutes of the December 13, 2016 Town Council Meeting.

• Approved Resolution #17-01 – Adopting the 2016-2026 Water Supply Facilities Work Plan Update and directing Town Administration to incorporate the Work Plan into the Town Comprehensive Plan.

• Approved the Amended Agreement creating the Florida Resiliency and Energy District.

• Approved the Interlocal Agreement between Palm Beach County and the Town of Lake Clarke Shores to use the Palm Beach County Public Safety Trunked Radio System.

• Approved the declaration Olympia Mastertype Typewriter (fixed asset item #471) as a scrap. This typewriter was used at Town Hall, but is no longer in working order.