Manager's Report for the February 14, 2017 Town Council Meeting

Proposed Upcoming Town Council Meeting Schedule
February 14th – 6:30 PM ZBA Public Hearing followed by Regular Town Council Meeting
March 6th - 6:30 PM Candidate Forum and Regular Town Council Meeting
April 11th – 6:30 PM Regular Town Council Meeting

Upcoming Events
March 31st Dusk – Movie Night: “The Secret Life of Pets”
April 2nd – 24th Annual Town BBQ and the Town’s 60th Birthday Celebration
April 15th – 12th Annual Waterway Cleanup
April 29th – 10th Annual LCS Fishing Tournament

Boat Ramp Dock Construction
The north side docks are being constructed this week.  We are still working on a lighting solution for the docks, installation of the preferred lights is looking to be very expensive.  We are reviewing options and asking other contractors for creative solutions.  There are several components to the project which still need to be completed: sidewalks, lights, security cameras, and possibly the north fence. 

FRED Update
Florida Development Finance Corporation (our partner in FRED) has indicated they are not part of the dismantling of Enterprise Florida proposed in a Committee bill (PCP 17-01) sponsored by the House Careers and Competition Subcommittee.  FDFC and Renovate America have been moving forward in adding more governments to our District.  Orlando and Miami Dade will be approved at the next FRED Board meeting schedule for the end of April. 

Evaluation and Appraisal Report (EAR)
As an obligation of the Town, every seven years Florida Statutes 163.3191 requires that we adopt an EAR to assess progress toward implementing our Comprehensive Plan.  Our planning consultants feel there are five (5) Tasks needing significant updates for this EAR:
• Incorporate CRA Policies and Programs,
• Update the Annexation Element,
• Revision of Comp Plan Maps,
• Update the Five (5) Year Capital Plan Schedule and the Capital Plan Element of the Comp Plan, and
• Update the Coastal Management Plan to incorporate the requirements of FS 163.3178 (2) (f).
The work is being proposed to be done in two Tasks with 15 parts.  Costs are estimated at $35,000.  There is currently only $15,000 in the budget for this effort.  Since their proposal is time and materials with a cost ceiling, I will provide them a notice to proceed with direction to stop work when they have expended $15,000 and we’ll assess progress, priorities, and timing before we continue.

LWDD-17 HDPE Directional Drill
Work here is moving slowly.  Palm Beach County is having a difficult time with the proposed Maintenance of Traffic Plan (MOT).  There are 2 schools, and a canal with a sidewalk on only one side of the road.   PBC has concerns for the walkers when the only sidewalk is closed.  This is normally a contractor issue and the owners don’t generally get involved, however, Damon was able to provide the County with some additional information which may allow this project to move forward.  

Mango Circle Water Main Addition
Several home owners have come forward to get Town water on Mango Circle.  It was a project in this year’s budget.  We are working to get easements from each of the home owners for Town Council approval.