Supporting the Community


Reserving the LCS Tennis Courts during the summer in support of a good cause.

Summertime is briskly approaching and before you know it, children will be swarming the parks and their front yards (so please drive slowly, through the neighborhoods).

All children deserve a safe, welcoming environment to enjoy.  For this reason, it is why the Town of Lake Clarke Shores is excited that this summer, for a few hours a week to permit use of the LCS tennis courts in support of tennis-related recreational activities to the children of the Access Point Project Community. The Access Point Project, based in Lake Clarke Shores, is dedicated to providing support and resources to special needs children and young adults throughout the County. 

The Access Point Project, with Developmental Intervention Specialists, Inc., and Love Serving Autism, a recently developed non-profit organization, providing specialized tennis instruction for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders, and developmental disabilities, will be utilizing the LCS Tennis Courts each Friday, beginning June 23 through August 4.  To allow for a safe, comfortable environment for the individuals in this program, the Town will be regularly reserving the tennis courts each Friday from 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM for the Love Serving Autism Tennis Program sessions.  We respectfully request that you make other arrangements during these limited times on Fridays.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding of what an opportunity this will be for these children and young adults.   I, with my fellow Council Members recognize the efforts, acknowledge the need for services and welcome these agencies and the audiences they serve to provide an equal opportunity and inclusive recreational program.


Mayor Gregory Freebold