From the Police Department

Beware of Scams -  The IRS


Across the nation, unsuspecting people are falling victim to a variety of scams. Unfortunately, residents of Lake Clarke Shores are not the exception. A popular scam that continues to circulate is a call from the IRS. They will say you are in default of paying your taxes and can be arrested. The callers will threaten you with a warrant for your arrest unless you make payments to them via money grams from Walmart. First, the IRS will NEVER, contact by phone. They will send you a certified letter to notify you of a matter and they, as most credible businesses, will NEVER have you use Walmart or any other money gram location for payment. Should you have any questions as to the validity of the call, get their name and phone number, to have a relative assist you or contact the Police Department for assistance in in determining if the call is legitimate. PLEASE, never send any money, or provide them with your financial information.