Manager's Report for the September 8, 2017 Town Council Meeting

Proposed Upcoming Town Council Meeting Schedule
September 12th – 6:30 PM Budget Hearing, LPA Meeting, Regular Town Council Meeting, CRA Meeting
September 26th - 6:30 PM Budget Hearing, Regular Town Council Meeting, CRA Meeting
October 10th – 6:30 PM Regular Town Council Meeting
November 14th – 6:30 PM Regular Town Council Meeting

Upcoming Events
September 16th - 8:00 AM - International Coastal Cleanup
October 31st – 5 PM - Better than Halloween Party
November 5th – 6:30 AM - Loop Around the Lake has been Cancelled

Mango Circle Water Main Addition
Several homeowners have come forward to receive Town water on Mango Circle.  It is a project in this year’s budget.  As more people hear that water is coming, more are asking to connect.  Besides adding water service to several residents, we are adding two fire hydrants in the area to improve fire protection. AECOM is designing additional piping so a loop can be made all the way around Mango Circle to ensure appropriate water quality.  We have easements on at least one side of the road for the entire Mango Circle so we can place the pipe.  The Town collects $300 per connection to cover the costs of setting the meter and we collect $2080, which is a pass through paid to Palm Springs.  The home owner must also pay the cost to connect from the meter to their home.  The project has grown from 3 homes to all 16 homes now wanting water. 

HVAC in Town Hall
We have had a fourth mold issue in Town Hall.  Siemens has completed an initial assessment and is working to complete their control system design.  Summit Air Conditioning has repaired a couple of issues found by Siemens during their assessment.  The Town Council Chambers system is running better after the repairs.  The HVAC system for the servers in Town Hall has been repaired.

HVAC in the Police Station
The outside 10 ton cooling system for the Police Station failed.  It was replaced September 7th and is working well.  The old unit failed due to corrosion.  It used an older very expensive coolant.  To make the new unit compatible, two control valves were changed and the entire system had to go through a coolant flush and recharge.

New Phone System
We have been having a number of issues with our existing phone system.  We are investigating Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems.  Hardware is usually comped with a 2 year service plan.  The new VoIP systems are cloud hosted and fully functional (multi-line, voicemail, conference, speakerphone, etc).  We have 6 copper AT&T phone lines that cost us approximately $1,200 per month.  A new VoIP hosted phone system will cost us about $800 per month, a savings over our current system.  There are some startup costs; we are still awaiting details to those.  The startup costs have to do with changing the ends of the wires we currently use for the phones and installing a firewall so the system has appropriate security.

Hurricane IRMA
We will be staffed through the storm with all Police, two Utility staff and three Admin staff.  The rest of the Utility staff are on-call.  We will hunker down and ride out the storm in both the Police Building and the Admin Building.  All sixteen of us will be at Town hall from noon Saturday until the storm subsides.  When the storm winds drop to below 35 mph we will complete a damage assessment.  We must transfer that data to the County and then we will create a plan to address the critical issues.