In Case You Missed It ~ Council Action

In case you missed it, below are the Council Actions from the September 13, 2017 Regular Town Council meeting: 

  • Approved the Minutes of the August 8, 2017 Town Council Meeting.
  • Approved Resolution #17-27 – Adopting the Town of Lake Clarke Shores Evaluation and Appraisal Notification Comprehensive Plan Amendments dated June 2017 (EAR Support Documents).
  • Approved Resolution #17-28 - Adopting the Non-Ad Valorem Assessment Roll for the Forest Hill Boulevard Sewer System Phase 1A and levying the Non-Ad Valorem Assessment for the Town for fiscal year 2017-2018.
  • Approved Utility Easement Agreement for 1701 Carandis Road.
  • Approved Utility Easement Agreement for 1715 Mango Circle.
  • Approved Utility Easement Agreement for 1719 Mango Circle.
  • Approved declaration of 7011 Haden Road a Nuisance Property.
  • Approval of Internship Policy and Procedures.