Fight For Our Town

Our town, together with towns and cities across Florida are about to engage in a true fight for survival. We need your voices to join the effort. 

As the Florida Legislature convenes this month, one item on the agenda is the abolishment of “Home Rule.”  Home Rule is the legal authority for local towns and cities to control their own futures. The ability to establish our own form of government through our own charter, and to then enact ordinances, codes, plans and resolutions without prior state approval is a tremendous authority. To further be able to enforce them “at home” and to make necessary changes as our town grows is a great reflection of the trust you have placed in our town’s leaders. For 45 years, Home Rule has been a part of Florida law. But right now, many state lawmakers want to strip away those local powers and concentrate them in Tallahassee.

If they are successful, Lake Clarke Shores could be stripped of local control over zoning, maintaining Lake Clarke, and policing our own community.  Building permits will no longer be reviewed and approved in Town Hall, but in Tallahassee. The Town will no longer be able to provide local services. All decisions will be made by state lawmakers, many of whom couldn’t even find Lake Clarke Shores on a map, let alone be familiar enough with our community to make good decisions.

We would lose all local control over the future of our town.

We need your voice to be heard.  It’s not enough that town and city governments object.  Our state lawmakers need to hear from voters.

We will be holding a Town Hall meeting on January 18th at 6:30pm to provide information on how your voice can be heard.  We will also soon be posting information here as well.

We need you to join the fight to keep local control over our town.  Don’t let the state legislature toss out nearly a half century of legal precedent by getting rid of home rule.