Manager's Report for the April 17, 2018 Town Council Meeting

Proposed Upcoming Town Council Meeting Schedule
April 17th – 6:30 PM Regular Town Council Meeting
May 8th – 6:30 PM Regular Town Council Meeting
June 12th – 6:30 PM Regular Town Council Meeting
July 10th – 6:30 PM Budget Workshop followed by the Regular Town Council Meeting

Upcoming Events
April 14th – Waterway Cleanup
April 21st – 11th Annual Lake Clarke Shores Bass Fishing Tournament
June 18th – 22nd - Lake Clarke Shores Fishing Camp
Oct 31st – Better than Halloween Party

25th Annual Lake Clarke Shores BBQ
Last Sunday was the 25th Annual Lake Clarke Shores BBQ. As an estimate, attendance was greater than 1,400 residents and guests.  By the numbers, we cooked 1,050lbs of pork butt, and a 90lb USDA- stamped whole pig.  We served 660 hot dogs and bratwurst.  We served 460lbs of chicken, 135lbs of catfish, 63 racks of ribs, and approximately 200lbs of brisket.  In addition, to 50 cases of water, an unknown amount of beans, rolls, slaw, cake, ice cream, popcorn, snow cones, sodas, and ice tea were served.

April 15 – April 21 is Volunteer Appreciation Week and we want to acknowledge and thank the well over 100 volunteers that assist the Town each year.  We have help with cooking, but there are also volunteers for the less glamorous duties like dish washing, garbage collection, bathroom maintenance, ice and water replenishment, table and chair set up and take down, to name a few.

This year we changed the configuration of the food line and received positive feedback on how smooth the distribution of food was.  We also provided additional booth space, for vendors (sponsors) and each of the vendors gave us positive feedback and said they would be back next year.  We added additional seating in the main tent, started the cooking on Thursday afternoon (a day early), and upgraded some of our older equipment.

It seems most in attendance felt it was truly a special 25th Anniversary Celebration.
Hydrilla Treatment in the Lake Clarke
Palm Beach County DERM treated the Lake Monday (March 5), March 25th and April 3rd with a product called SONAR.  Being toxic to plants, SONAR will kill the Hydrilla, We have used social media extensively to update the residents on the treatment process and progress.  Notices have gone out warning against watering your yard from the Lake during each of the treatment periods.  Palm Beach County will keep us apprised and we will change the signs, Twitter, Facebook and the website as appropriate as soon as we can water from the main lake again.  SONAR is not being treated in the canals and therefore, the canal water will not be affected.  Palm Beach County advised us that the use of Sonar does not restrict any watersport activities including swimming and fishing.

SWA Blighted Community Grant
The Town applied for and received a grant from the Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County for $57,900. The exotic trees and shrubs in Pine Tree Park will be removed with the assistance of this grant.  The removal of the trees will improve the appearance of the park, reducing the likelihood of the homeless returning, and eliminating the possibility of a downed tree damaging the powerlines feeding Venetian Lane.  We formally solicited bids and expect to review bid proposals in the upcoming week.