Manager's Report for the November 13, 2018 Town Council Meeting

Proposed Upcoming Town Council Meeting Schedule
November 13th – 6:30 PM Regular Town Council Meeting, LCS CRA Board Meeting
December 11th – 6:30 PM Regular Town Council meeting
January 8th – 6:30 PM Regular Town Council Meeting
February 12th – 6:30 PM Regular Town Council Meeting

Upcoming Events
November 16th – Food Truck Invasion (Town Hall)
November 18th – 7 AM Start Loop Around the Lake 6k Run
December 1st – 11 AM 20th Annual Holiday Parade
December 1st – 6 PM Jim & Judy Tackett Memorial Tree Lighting
December 10th – 6 PM Holiday Home Decorating Contest Judging

Amendment 1 Failed
The election is over.  Amendment 1 needed 60% of the votes to be yes votes to pass.  It only got 54%.  Therefore, we can expect more revenue in FY2019 than is estimated in the budget as approved.  My suggestion is to modify the budget to show the additional revenue and two new expenditures 1) purchase a new police car, and 2) create an allowance for Blueway Trail, Inc. of $25,000.  The remaining anticipated revenue would be used to replenish General Fund reserves by approximately $100,000.

Town Website Redesign
The Town has engaged Municode to redesign our website.  We have been reviewing page designs and communicating preferences for colors, fonts, primary page layout, secondary page layout, and page content.  The new website is expected to be complete and ready for implementation in December.  At that time we will shift the web address to match our Town branding of
The Town is collaborating with to create an interactive “infographic” of the Town Budget.  Consistent with our other programs that enhance our communications with the residents, ClearGov will take our monthly financial data and convert it from a boring spreadsheet to an easy to read electronic brochure.  The brochure will be full of facts and graphics about our revenues and expenditures for all four of our funds.  Training begins this week.

Pine Tree Bridge Predesign Report
Every two years FDOT inspects all four of our bridges.  For several years, the Pine Tree Bridge has received the designation of Functionally Obsolete.  This means the bridge itself is safe to use, however, it is old and no longer meets current FDOT safety design criteria.  It needs to be replaced.  The Predesign Report will address the new design as well as how we can maintain access while construction occurs.  The engineers call this Maintenance of Traffic or MOT.  MOT options being considered include closing the road for 45 days saving approximately 15% on construction and partial demolition, allowing for a single lane to remain open.  MOT Option 2 will likely include some type of signal and safety arm.  Due to the close proximity to Forest Hill Boulevard, signal cycle times will be a critical factor.  Construction is anticipated to begin in late 2020.

Laserfische training is scheduled for December.  We will need to purchase two new scanners (already budgeted), one for small documents and one for large format documents such as construction drawings.  We are investigating interns and high school students to assist with the monumental task of scanning all our records.  We will begin with the residential files that have current or recent permit applications.