Manager's Report for the February 12, 2019 Town Council Meeting

Proposed Upcoming Town Council Meeting Schedule
February 12th – 6:30 PM Regular Town Council Meeting
March 12th – 6:30 PM Regular Town Council Meeting, CRA Board Meeting
April 9th – 6:30 PM Town Council Reorganization and Regular Town Council Meeting
May 14th – 6:30 PM Regular Town Council Meeting, CRA Board Meeting

Upcoming Events
February 15th – 5:30 PM Food Truck Invasion
March 15th – 5:30 PM Food Truck Invasion
March 29th – 7 PM Movie Night
March 31st – 11 AM Town BBQ
April 27th – 8 AM  Waterway Clean Up
May 4th – Daylight Start of the 10th Annual Lake Clarke Shores Bass Fishing Tournament

Legislative Actions
Several activities are ongoing with regards to the 2019 Florida Legislative Session.
• We have asked for a special appropriation for money to design a municipal sewer system.  Design costs are estimated to be $1.2M.  We asked for assistance from the State as soon as Governor DeSantis identified $100M for environmental improvement including support for design/study of septic to sewer conversion projects.  Representative Silvers is our House Sponsor and Senator Berman is our Senate Sponsor.  We have also received the support of Representative Wilhite (Chair of the Palm Beach County Legislative Delegation).
• In association with Pembroke Pines and Palm Springs, we have a draft Annexation Bill prepared for this Legislative Session.  We have identified significant opposition to our proposed Bill and are working to reach a compromise.  The Florida League of Cities has identified Annexation as a priority for their 2019 Legislative Agenda.  We are seeking their assistance in addressing the opposition’s concerns.

Staff Changes
• Officer Garancho has resigned.  He is taking a position with Palm Beach Shores.  We wish him all the best.
• We are excited to announce we have hired another Customer Service Representative I to replace Mery Ramirez.  The new employee starts February 14, 2019.  Her name is Krystina Carpenter.  Please stop by and introduce yourself to her.

Customer Service Improvements
We budgeted for a number of software upgrades to our financial software to help us better serve our friends, neighbors and customers.  They have been installed and are being tested.  It is expected the upgrades will be available for the public to use in about 60 days.  These improvements include a customer service portal allowing for internet viewing and payment of utility bills.  Utility invoicing will be converted to a letter rather than a postcard.  This will allow us to print notifications and announcements on the utility bills and add special fliers such as the annual water quality reports mandated by the state.   We are investigating converting the planning/building department software from IMS to Munis.  There are several advantages to having Building/Planning on the same format as our financial software especially as it pertains to internet records access and non-utility payment intake.  

Laserfische training is complete.  We have purchased the small format high-speed scanners.  We are reviewing proposals for the large format scanners.  The training identified several challenges to using volunteers or interns for this activity, so we are considering additional paid staff support for the scanning process.  We are also considering office changes to support the scanning activities.