Garage Sale and Outdoor Sale Permit

The Town requires a permit for all yard/garage/estate or capital outdoor sales.

Golf Cart Inspection Form

In order to receive a permit for your golf cart, you must have it inspected by the Lake Clarke Shores Police Department.  

Utility Easement Agreement

Use when applying for a fence permit when the fence crosses a utility easement.

Variance Application

Zoning Board of Adjustments Variance Application

Variance Application Instructions

Zoning Board of Adjustments instructions for completing a variance application

Local Business Tax Receipt Application

Local Business Tax Receipt Application required for conducting business within the Town

Alarm Permit Form

2018-2019 Alarm Permit Form - New and Renewal Registrations

Owner / Builder Affidavit and Disclosure Statement

Required to be signed and notarized by Owner if they elect to pull building permits.


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