AFTER the STORM PASSES and Clean-up begins we urge you to REMEBER to SPERATE debris.

Garbage, Vegetation, and Construction Materials MUST BE separated by type into individual piles on your property.

Garbage is picked up by different haulers after storms, so debris must be separated to ensure pick up. Debris left unseparated will NOT be picked up by ANY HAULER.

PLEASE DO NOT place debris on pavement.

Placing debris in the roadway causes a BIG PROBLEM for regular traffic, for the Trash Haulers, and Utility Companies. But MOST IMPORTANTLY it causes an issue for POLICE, FIRE FIGHTERS, and PARAMEDICS.

By separating your trash and placing it on the grass you will ensure the debris will be picked up as soon as possible by the correct company and ensure free flowing traffic for Debris Trucks, Utility Trucks, and all First Responders.

The Town appreciates your cooperation with the clean-up after the storm.