Keys to the Town


             At the Town Council meeting held on April 12, 2016, the Town of Lake Clarke Shores presented our government officials with Keys to the Town.

             The idea of "Keys to the City" comes from the medieval ages, when people lived in walled, fortified cities, due to this soldiers could only camp outside the city walls, and not enter it. Only troops that earned the trust of the local population, because of their actions could enter the city, and this concept was called the Freedom of the City. 

            The concept of handing over Keys to a City is more followed in the US, and it is more or less a symbolic honor, conferred on visiting dignitaries, or residents. It symbolically stands for giving the keys to the gates of a walled city, which gives the recipient, the freedom to enter and leave the city at their wish.

 The Town honored and thanked Senator Joseph Abrusso, Senator Jeff Clemens, Representative Dave Kerner and Richard Pinsky, each received a key to the Town of Lake Clarke Shores in appreciation of their commitment and service to our community.