Outdoor Hurricane Preperations

With hurricane season starting June 1, now is the time to complete major vegetation trimming on your property. By preparing ahead, you may save your house and vehicles from damage due to falling trees and branches during a storm.


To ensure you are as prepared as possible:


·       Cut back all trees and weak branches that could come in contact with buildings or vehicles. 


·       Have foliage thinned so wind can flow freely through branches, decreasing the chance that the trees or plants will be uprooted.


·       Make sure that the cut branches are 4 feet or less in length and do not weigh more than 50 pounds each.


·       Containerize small pieces of vegetation, such as pine needles, leaves, twigs, etc. in bags or cans that weigh less than 50 pounds when full.


·       Vegetative material from routine maintenance is picked up on Mondays.


Remember - If you use a lawn maintenance or tree trimming company to trim the vegetation on your property, make sure they remove the debris as part of their service.