Water Shortage Watch

SFWMD has recognized the near record setting rainfall which occurred in October by rescending the Water Shortage EMERGENCY and declaring a Water Shortage WARNING.  This allows the residents of Lake Clarke Shores to return to three day a week watering.  The Schedule for thee day a week water is listed below.

The Town Council would like to encourage residents to protect our water supply by maintaining a two day per week watering schedule and to seek and use Best Management Practices (BMP) for lawn and vegitation watering.  The SFWMD website has a lot of information on water conservation, BMP's, planting alternatives and many other suggestions.

Begin your information search with this SFWMD web page 


Many valuable publications can also be found here:


http://my.sfwmd.gov/portal/pls/portal/portal_apps.repository_lib_pkg.repository_browse?p_mode=files&p_keywords=waterconservation&p_thumbnails=no  The watering schedule now approved by SFWMD is as follows:TTTTTTTThe three day per week water schedule is:


Odd  Numbered Street Address – Monday, Wednesday and/or Saturday BEFORE 10:00AM or AFTER 4:00PM


Even  Numbered Street Address – Tuesday, Thursday and/or Sunday BEFORE 10:00AM or AFTER 4:00PM