Post Storm Assistance

In order to do our best to serve our community the Town wants to makes sure that all residents have access to as much Disaster Relief Information as possible. We want our residents and our community to recover from Storms quicker and easier and that starts when you know your resources.

For individual relief information you can select the Federal Resources PDF created by Congresswoman Frankel

You can see the flyer distributed by Palm Beach County


Or you can select the link and see our page that talks about it as well:


For Information about low interest rate loans, and business assistance:


For relief from Hurricane Irma in person with Caring Community Coalition for Disaster Relief click the link for information about:
• FEMA Application Assistance (Transitional Sheltering Assistance, Blue Roof Program, etc.)
• SNAP (Food Stamp) Application Assistance
• LIHEAP (Electric Bill) Application Assistance
• Employment Application Assistance
• Eviction Prevention Application Assistance
• Medicaid Application Assistance
• Legal Assistance


It’s important to know everything at your disposal during times like this, please share this information with your neighbors and friends.