Citizens on Patrol

Engaging our Citizens

Much of the Police Department’s success in reducing crime can be attributed to the awareness and involvement of the Lake Clarke Shores citizenry. 

The Lake Clarke Shores Police Department’s Citizen Observer Patrol Program was one of those successes.  By complimenting the department’s patrol force, the C.O.P. vehicle patrols the roadways of Lake Clarke Shores a total of over 1,000 donated hours each year.   During the holidays, October through December, C.O.P. members dedicate over 200 hours of patrol time.  Additionally, C.O.P. members donate over 200 volunteer hours to assist the department’s administrative staff.

C.O.P. members also participate in the annual town events:  6K “Loop Around the Lake” Run, Children’s Movie Night, 17th Annual Town BBQ, 5th Annual Waterway Cleanup, Halloween Night Out, and the Town Christmas Parade.

A special thanks goes out to Mayor Gregory Freebold and Chief Wes Smith for envisioning a C.O.P. Program for the Town of Lake Clarke Shores that is maturing into an entity that ensures a safer community for its residents. 

Volunteering for the C.O.P.

The Town of Lake Clarke Shores Police Department recognizes the need for enhanced civilian participation in the functioning of the police department. The department has facilitated programs designed to assist the patrol and administrative function while enhancing civilian awareness and participation in departmental goals and objectives. We encourage our residents to participate in this rewarding program.

Volunteer Tasks May Include:

Citizen Patrol - Residents of ages 18 and above volunteer to patrol our neighborhoods being the "eyes and ears" of the police department to report suspicious person(s) and/or activity. Prior to acceptance into the program the applicant must apply with the police department, pass a background check and pass a probationary period which includes training in various areas.
Administrative Volunteers - This position requires an interest in performing clerical functions in the police department including filing, answering telephones, data entry, etc.
Special Events - Volunteers will be asked to assist in the various community events held throughout the year.