Tips for Using Contractors

Homeowners not doing the work themselves should always hire licensed and insured contractors.

All contractors that work within the town limits must be registered with the town. They must provide the Town with copies of their county business tax receipt, their certificate of competency and proof of insurance coverage, which includes worker’s compensation insurance. Contact the Building Department to verify contractor registration.

Get estimates from several contractors and have all terms for the work put in writing.

Ask for and verify all contractor references.

If a permit is needed, have the contractor apply for and obtain it. The person that pulls the permit is the one that is responsible for the work that is performed under that permit. If a homeowner pulls the permit the homeowner would be responsible for faulty or incorrect work that was done. The homeowner would also be responsible for all injuries that could happen to the workers and any damage that might occur. When the CONTRACTOR pulls the permit, his contractor’s license is at risk if the job was not done according specifications or if any problems arise from the work that was done. The contractor would be liable for any injuries or damage that may occur.

If the homeowner elects to pull the permit, they are required to sign a Owner / Builder Affidavit Statement.

Final inspections are required on all building permits. DO NOT pay the final installment for work done without having a final passed inspection from the Town’s Building Inspector.  When inspections have been completed, the inspector will sign the appropriate area on the permit card.

Keep copies of permits for your records.

COMPLAINTS - If you have a problem with a contractor, contact the Construction Industry Licensing Board of Palm Beach County to file a complaint. The Construction Industry Licensing Board and the Contractors Certification Division were established to protect the citizens of Palm Beach County through a certification system of 48 construction trades. Call Palm Beach County Contractors Certification Division at 233-5530 for more information.

You can also contact the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations to file complaints with Construction Industry Licensing Board. The Construction Industry Licensing Board is responsible for licensing and regulating the construction industry. This board meets regularly to consider applications for licensure, to review disciplinary cases, and to conduct informal hearings relating to licensure and discipline. The board engages in rulemaking to implement the provisions set forth in its statutes and conducts other general business, as necessary.

Please note that the professions and businesses regulated by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation and the disciplinary action that may be taken is administrative in nature, e.g., reprimand, fine, restriction of practice, remedial education, administrative cost, probation, license suspension or license revocation.  The Department cannot represent you in civil matters to recover fees paid or seek remedies for injuries. You may wish to consult a private attorney regarding these matters. Contact the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations Customer Contact Center at 850.487.1395 for more information.