Flood Insurance

Everyone has some risk of flooding no matter where your property is located. Did you know that there is a 26% chance of experiencing a flood during the life of a 30-year mortgage or that your standard homeowner insurance policy does not cover flood losses? It is important to protect your home or business from flood damage by purchasing flood insurance. Flood Insurance is relatively inexpensive compared to the cost of possible repairs.

The Town of Lake Clarke Shores participates in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) administers this program. NFIP offers reasonably priced flood insurance in communities that comply with minimum standards for floodplain management. The NFIP’s Community Rating System (CRS) recognizes community efforts beyond those minimum standards by reducing flood insurance premiums to residents of that community. The CRS assigns credit points based on additional flood protection activities that communities provide to help save lives and property in the event of a flood. Lake Clarke Shores currently has a rating of 8, which means that Town residents owning property located in a special flood hazard area can save 10% on their flood insurance.

Contact your insurance carrier to obtain more information on protecting your property with flood insurance. NOTE: It takes 30 days for a flood insurance policy to go into effect.

For more information on flood insurance costs and coverage, go to www.fema.gov/national-flood-insurance-program