Property Protection Measures

Residents and business owners can minimize damage to their structure by following these tips:

  • Electric panel boxes, water heaters, washer/dryers and other types of electrical equipment or appliances should be elevated or moved to a location that would be less likely to flood.
  • Keep plywood, plastic sheeting and lumber handy to protect windows and to make quick repairs.
  • Use sandbags to protect your home from floodwaters.
  • Put essential items and furniture in a place above floor level or move them to an upper floor, to protect them from floodwaters.
  • Place important papers and other valuables in plastic garbage bags or watertight containers. Very important papers such as birth certificates, passports, insurance papers, titles, etc. should be placed in a smaller waterproof container and taken with you if floodwaters force you to evacuate.
  • Install storm shutters or use plywood to cover windows and/or doors. Reinforce garage doors, if needed.
  • To prevent outdoor items such as garden equipment, lawn ornaments, outdoor furniture and garbage cans from being damaged or causing any damage, bring these items inside or secure them by tying them down.
  • Reduce the impact of flooding by retrofitting your structure.

You can pick up a copy of “Homeowner’s Guide to Retrofitting,” as well as other helpful FEMA brochures, at the Town Hall. For more information on flood insurance costs and coverage, go to