Permit Checklist for Fence Projects

This checklist has been designed to assist applicants in knowing what information is required to be submitted with the fence/wall permit application

  • Two (2) copies of the survey and site plan showing all property lines, all buildings on the property, all easements on the property, all streets and bodies of water abutting the property, location of the proposed fence.
  • The type and height of the fence/wall must be noted on the permit application
  • Easement agreement waivers from all utility companies, if the fence or wall is to be located in an easement. (Copies of the easement agreement and the location of utility companies may be obtained from Town Hall).
  • A copy of the contract, if a contractor is hired to do the work.
  • Homeowner’s Association approval (if applies).


  • All fences and walls must be located within the property lines. In addition, no fences or walls shall be located within 4’ from the edge of the road.
  • Height may not exceed 2’ 6” within 10’ of the edge of the paved road. 
  • Fences or walls in other areas of the property may be 6 feet high.  This 6-foot height is measured from the natural grade of the property.
  • The following materials are prohibited in construction of the fence or wall: Rubble, scrap iron, bottle, junk, barbed wire or electrically charged materials and other injurious type materials.
  • Fence posts must be set in concrete. See Fence Post Requirements diagram for additional requirements.

a. All supports, posts, and bracing shall be placed toward the interior of the property on which the fence or wall is located. (The finished side of the fence must face outward, toward neighbors, streets, adjoining properties, etc.)
b. The person obtaining the permit is responsible for having underground utilities located, and is liable for any damage to utility lines caused by digging the holes for the posts.
c. Specify if the fence is to protect/surround a pool, at the present time or in the future.

A posthole inspection is required before continuing with the fence installation
When the fence is completely installed, request a final inspection.