Business Licenses

The Town charges Business Tax Receipts (formally known as Occupational Licenses) for businesses, professions and occupations which are engaged in or carried on within the Town’s corporate limits. All new businesses, whether operating from a location along Forest Hill Boulevard or from a residence, need to obtain a Business Tax Receipt from the Town and from Palm Beach County. The business must also meet zoning requirements and submit a Palm Beach County application to the Town before a Business Tax Receipt can be issued. Home based businesses must meet additional requirements that can be found in Chapter 86, Article VII, Division 7 of the Town Code of Ordinances and the owner must complete a separate affidavit pertaining to the home based business prior to obtaining the Business Tax Receipt.

Business Tax Receipts must be paid prior to opening the business. The fees are based on the type of business or activity performed. A listing of the fees charged for Business Tax Receipts can be found on the Schedule of Taxes by Business.

Please contact the Town for additional information on what must be submitted with the application when applying for a Business Tax Receipt or if you have any questions.